In the era of global tourism, where there are no new places to discover, it is no longer the destination that makes the difference, but the experiences you can live. Rome and the Roman countryside are one of the best tourist itineraries in Italy, because they are able to offer every type of experience: art, history, nature, flavors. Italy is by far the country that boasts the greatest number of places and traditions belonging to the World Heritage of Humanity and Lazio holds a large portion. Mass tourism is mainly concentrated in Rome, leaving out equally beautiful places such as the Castelli Romani, the Pontino coast, Tivoli and its villas, Palestrina and many other places of amazing beauty. The province of Rome is not only a place to visit but it is the most strategic area of Lazio to choose as a reference point to visit the most important tourist places of Lazio.And it is right here that Domus Flavia is located: in Zagarolo, at the foot of the Roman Hills. Read More >>>